You Need to See Kate McKinnon's Spot-On Gal Gadot Impression

Kate Mc Kinnon and Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot has taken the world by storm in 2017, earning praise from from both critics and fans for her on-screen portrayal of Wonder Woman, as well as the adoption of the character's flawless morals in her everyday life. McKinnon quipped of her co-star.

In the clip, McKinnon opens up about what it was like to have Gadot on SNL and reveals that she and Aidy Bryant spent a lot of time with the Wonder Woman star on set. McKinnon said the Israeli actress hypnotized everyone around with her accent and mannerisms, even while answering mundane questions.

"She really made an impact down at SNL", McKinnon recalled. "Similar to many other great young women in this program, her education is hanging by a thread". I love to watch my children run in the sand.

"We are midwestern toads compared to this Mediterranean goddess", McKinnon joked. "But she just sat down and she was like, 'I want everyone to go around the table and say something they've never told anyone.' And we were like, 'Yeah, okay, Gal'". She wrapped up her speech with a Frida Kahlo quote, "Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?", and said she was lucky to "be told from a young age that I have wings".

Gadot, apparently, also offered some financial advice. "Everything she says is like a prophecy".

Nearly immediately, McKinnon jumped into a flawless impression of Wonder Woman's unique accent.

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