Starbucks Is Rolling Out A Christmas Tree Frappuccino Tomorrow

Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccinos Are Here — But Only For A Few Days

Now, you too, cold coffee-aficionado, can enjoy an icy delicious beverage and feel as festive as Buddy himself because Starbucks is releasing a Christmas tree Frappuccino for a limited time. And on top is a cute, little strawberry star.

Starting today, December 7, Starbucks will be selling these festive drinks at participating Starbucks locations in the US and Canada.

Of course, it's not exactly a health food - and Starbucks isn't pretending that it is.

O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree!

Despite these intense stats, nutritionists aren't freaking out over it.

Naturally, Twitter had its own reaction to the festive drink - read on for a few of the best tweets. Gina Keatley, a C.D.N. practicing in New York City, agrees, provided you look at it the right way.

'OH MEH GOAD I JUST SAW THE STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS TREE FRAPPUCCINO and the very sight of it gave me a medical event.

The Christmas Tree Frappuccino will cost you about $5 for a grande and set you back 420 calories. "Savor it, enjoy it, and don't stress about it", she says.

Leave it to Starbucks to find a way to get you to drink something cold in December.

A holiday is approaching and that can mean only one thing: Starbucks is going to create a frappuccino full of colors that don't seem natural or edible but you're going to pay a lot of money for it anyway for the Instagram likes. You can also ask for skim milk and no whipped cream to cut back on the calories but, again, it's not a biggie if you go all-in.

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