PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a new map just before launch

The new PUBG desert map has now been named as Miramar, with individual locations revealed

And another differentiation from the R1895 is the use of speed loaders, enabling you to load all six rounds simultaneously, greatly accelerating reload times, putting the R45's reload speed more in line with other PUBG pistols.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS official Twitter account have confirmed that the "Aquarail" jet ski has been confirmed for both the Miramar and Erangel maps. In creating it, the authors would like to map significantly different from Arangala - site available in the current version PUBG. When we made a decision to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel.

In contrast to the lush fields and forests offered by the island of Erangel, Miramar will render barren desert terrain and dense urban areas. That has all changed today thanks to an extensive post on the game's Steam page.

On top of the harsh landscape, Miramar is home to at least eight major cities, each of which features different kinds of buildings and constructions that will affect your strategy. While Miramar is slated to arrive when the PC version of PUBG reaches version 1.0 sometime later this month, players will be able to try the map out beforehand during the game's final test rounds on the test servers.

The first title is in development from Tencent Timi Studio, and it's been the most widely-circulated online over the last few days, showing off motorboats, helicopters, and more.

Previously just referred to as PUBG's desert map, the second map for the game is called Miramar, a somewhat common name in areas of the United States named by Spanish and Portugese settlers. The list includes brand new Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles, Xbox Elite controllers, membership codes to Xbox Live, and digital download codes for the game itself.

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