NVIDIA Brings SHIELD Console And Remastered Nintendo GameCube, Wii Games To China

Death Stranding

The Shield outside of China runs on a standard build of Android TV with the Play Store, Google apps, Assistant, and so on. It retails for around $200 in the United States, and ships with a remote control and a game controller.

Though these releases are limited to China, the very fact that first-party Nintendo games are up and running in HD on the Shield TV will no doubt intrigue fans elsewhere. Nvidia specifically points out New Super Mario Bros Wii, PUNCH-OUT!

New Super Mario Bros., Twilight Princess, and PUNCH-OUT! are all available now. Games will be available for RMB 68 ($10). It is now unknown if we will see any other Nintendo games on the device. This is the same chip powering the Switch, so this partnership was probably a no-brainer. It's only in China, where Shield TV is launching for the first time, but it's an official tie-up between Nvidia and Nintendo, which could offer some hope, however narrow, that this could make its way to other Shield hardware around the world.

Some of the company's older games from the discontinued Wii console will appear on the Nvidia Shield console in China. However, it has experimented with mobile games such as Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. SHIELD owners in China will be able to download and play select Wii and Nintendo GameCube titles, with others coming soon - among them, Super Mario Galaxy.

Better yet, the three titles available now are not just ported, but remastered for the Shield in 1080p, providing more resolution than was available on the Wii.

Historically, Nintendo has rarely licensed its original games and characters to rival consolemakers.

Nvidia's Chinese launch of the Shield TV brings the Android TV box to the country for the equivalent of about $225.

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