Net neutrality protests to take place across St. Joseph County

Dave Schaeffer Cogent Communications

That's what locals were saying Thursday as they turned out to protest the possible end of net neutrality. "This draft order ignores the wishes of tens of millions of Americans who, like us, have voiced their support for the 2015 Open Internet Order", Internet Association CEO Michael Beckerman said in the letter.

"Without net neutrality there will be less awesome art".

"Net neutrality is a principle that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally", he said.

In exactly one week from today, the Federal Communications Commission will hold a historic vote to roll back Obama-era regulations that ensure telecoms companies respect the free and open nature of the internet. Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy.

The United States now has deregulated Net Neutrality, meaning internet service providers, or ISPs, must treat all websites equally, can not prioritize certain websites or charge consumers more to use certain websites.

And, if they do pay Whittaker said the extra cost would most likely be passed onto the consumer. Only those who can afford to buy the fastest internet will have access to these fast lanes. "From the perspective of entrepreneurship and driving innovation on the internet and being a world leader, I think this is a problem".

FCC commissioners will vote on whether to repeal net neutrality on December 14th. A few corporations will have control over what you see and hear, while independent and up-and-coming artists' ability to make a living will be devastated.

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