National Concealed Carry Bill Passes House Of Representatives


The vote comes a week before the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in which 26 people died in Newtown, Conn., and follows two of the deadliest shootings in modern US history.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said that now, "those traveling or living on the border of a state that does not recognize their home state's laws could have their gun rights stripped when they cross state lines".

Wednesday's vote marked the first time since Newtown that the House took up any significant gun legislation, something several Democrats raised, citing recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas without any action on proposals related to those incidents.

"I will always defend Montanans' Second Amendment rights, and I am proud to have co-sponsored the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act", Gianforte said in a press statement.

"The same thing holds true here", he said.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., said during House debate that his state forces gun owners to meet an array of conditions before obtaining a concealed-carry permit - in contrast to some states where "if you're 21 and have a pulse" you can get a gun permit. "After two of our nation's worst mass shootings, Congress took direct instruction from the gun lobby and passed a bill that will override existing state laws and allow unsafe, untrained people to carry guns in every state and every city". In other words, you wouldn't need to know how to shoot a gun to apply for a concealed carry permit. What the bill would do is require the other 18 states that don't to do the same.

"As legislators, one of the most powerful tools we possess is in crafting new legislation", he said. They also include punishments, such as stripping bonuses from political appointees, for states and agencies that don't fully comply.

Although reciprocity with certain states has passed the house, gun owner's still have to follow state specific laws. I implore members of Congress to reconsider pursuing this legislation and to start putting the wellbeing of the American public first.


"House Republicans just ignored opposition from law enforcement and the public in order to eviscerate state gun laws and make it easy for people with risky histories and no training to carry hidden, loaded guns across the country", said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

Gun control advocate groups believe the bill will allow risky people to bring their guns to our state.

North Carolina Congresswoman Alma Adams stated, in part: "It's outrageous that Congress just voted to pass a gun bill that tramples state's rights and endangers our communities, all to appease the NRA". That's why law enforcement officials all over the country hate this bill.

Expressing his optimism, Rep. Hudson said, "An overwhelming majority of Americans support concealed carry reciprocity. The fact that we're going in that direction, I think we should all be alarmed", said Evans.

The House bill now goes to the Senate.

Senate Judiciary Committee Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said during a Wednesday hearing that new laws affecting firearms and firearm accessories "must be narrowly tailored". The shooter responsible for killing 58 people and injuring almost 500 more attending a Las Vegas concert in October used bump stocks to direct large amounts of ammunition on the crowd, and members from both parties have called for ban on them.

The Justice Department announced this week it is reviewing whether weapons using bump stocks should be considered illegal machine guns under federal law.

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