Huawei P11 Leak Shows Unique Trio-Camera Setup

Huawei P11 rumored

Chinese giant Huawei is said to be working on the next P series smartphone and it will be the Huawei P11. There are four different parts of the "PCE-series" ad, each featuring a different aspect of the device's cameras and software. Going by the ads, the phone has been co-designed by Leica, the cmaera company that has also designed the cameras of Huawei Mate 10 and P10.

One interesting detail from the so-called promo posters is that nowhere is the name "P11" mentioned to identify the device, instead, the "Huawei PCE Series" branding is used. If the latest leak is to be believed, Huawei is on the verge of a breakthrough in bringing insane camera specifications to smartphones. For selfie lovers, the phone will have 24 MP selfie camera. For example, there will be a dedicated "Pro" night mode which will take advantage of the all-new "sensor and optics", which have been touted to be able to capture "100 percent more light".

Serial smartphone leaker Evan Blass is on a roll over the past few days, and he appears to have gotten his hands on materials that suggest that the Huawei P11 could ship with a unique camera setup. As of now, it is impossible to predict anything but it wouldn't be surprising to see the company introducing three lenses from 2018. Paired with the new lens technology mentioned above, the Huawei P11 could shape up to be one of the best phones on the market for taking lovely photos. Huawei is claiming that their phone's camera will be more than just taking photos, as it says "I don't take pictures, I make pictures".

It's important to remember, however, that a higher megapixel camera doesn't always necessarily mean better performance. According to Lee, the company is expected to launch all future flagships at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in February-end next year.

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