How to View and Reshare Your Archived Instagram Stories

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Instagram is making a change to user profiles that should be a big hit with brands and celebrities. But there are more substantial changes than that too, and the features together offer major changes to the way that the recently introduced stories feature works. In fact, you can save your stories forever under the new "Stories Archive" section (privately) or "Stories Highlights" section (publicly)-with instant access to share on your profile.

Curmudgeon musings aside, Instagram has now released a couple of new features, which I'm pretty sure have been there in Snapchat for a while (Memories, if I recall correctly, I might have even written about it. oh look I DID!), that let you take those ephemeral stories and keep them forever.

The stories feature was borrowed from Snapchat previous year.

It'll be interesting to see if the ability to save and pin Stories will change the way people create them.

Facebook's photo sharing app on Tuesday added two new capabilities to its Stories feature, one a direct copy of a recent feature in Snap. It's a similar concept, and if you enable the "Archives" section on Instagram your stories can live there along with the rest of the posts you decide to save. Until now, those pictures have disappeared unless they were stored on your phone separately.

The first new feature is a Story Archive. That consists of an area on people's profiles where they can post their favourite collections.

It appears as though no stories have been archived before today, so you'll have to wait 24 hours before you'll be able to see anything.

"Stories Highlights appear in a new section on your profile below your bio". You can have as many highlights as you want and give them individual names.

Stories, which traditionally disappear forever after 24 hours, will now be saved to a private part of your profile once they disappear from public view. To create a highlight, tap the "New" circle, choose stories from your archive, select a cover and give it a name. If you want to go back in to edit or remove it at a later time, simply press and hold the highlight.

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