Here's why Kim Kardashian's Instagram comments have been flooded with rat emojis

2015 MTV Video Music Awards- Backstage

The British crooner was asked to pick a side in the longstanding feud between Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift-both of whom he knows (although not as well as we'd previously thought).

On Monday, Kim posted a throwback photo of herself taking pictures of Kanye's infamous 'Famous' sculpture that showed taylor lying naked in bed with Kim, her husband and a bunch of other celebrities including the now President of the United States.

After the reality star posted the snap online, she was inundated with comments from Swift's fans accusing her of picking on the singer.

Following Kim's December 6 post, T-Swift fans lashed out at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and flooded her feed with rat emojis.

After Kardashian posted that video, many of Kardashian's fans bombarded Swift's social media pages with snake emojis.

Is the "One Last Song" singer Team Taylor or Team Kim?

West's song "Famous" was the source of enormous controversy a year ago, as he raps in it that he and Swift "might still have sex" because he "made that b--h famous".

The art display - which West premiered past year in the song's music video - served as another chapter in the long-running feud between West and Swift, as it featured naked wax figures of multiple celebrities including Swift.

Later that month, Kim released video footage of a phone call that took place between Kanye and Taylor while Kanye was in the studio, proving that Taylor was aware of the song.

When Andy said he went to Taylor's birthday party, he replied. He claimed she'd approved the lyric, she denied it.

The recording then went viral and Kim and Kanye have been at war with Taylor ever since.

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