Google is killing Chrome Apps for desktops, for good

Google Formally Shuts Down ‘Apps’ Section on Chrome Web Store

Back in August 2016, Google had announced that it would remove apps section from Chrome Web Store across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms citing the reason that less than 1 percent of users were using them on the Chrome browser. Users of Google Chrome on Mac, Linus and Windows PCs will no longer be able to download and install Chrome Apps from now on. It's also important to remember that you'll only need to use this web portal if you're not on Chrome OS, as the app will still be available there. Its notable that Chrome Apps still appear to have capabilities PWAs will not have, and it appears Google wishes to plug that gap first. Apps will be gone in Q1 of 2018 and it'll be Q2 or Q3 before Chrome rolls out PWA desktops. The Web Store will only have Extensions and Themes available for download starting Wednesday. Hosted apps function mostly like webpage bookmarks which could be conveniently pinned across parts of the user interface. As Chrome apps are nearing complete elimination, this web portal will be helping users alongside an extension too. "We will be removing support for packaged and hosted apps from Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux over the next two years". As on Chrome OS, the app will continue to work.

Another great thing about Progressive Web Apps is that it's not exclusive to Google's Chrome web browser because it uses all existing W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. To combat the problem, the Chrome team recently launched Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Google is now looking forward to bring the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. PWAs got a big boost to move beyond Android when Microsoft announced it was bringing PWAs to Windows 10, and even Apple has slowly started work on adding PWA support to Safari.

Now Google has sent an email to developers saying that the depreciation of Chrome Apps in favour of PWA is being delayed.

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