Former Giants star hits back at 'ridiculous' flag football rant

Steelers Mike Mitchell speaks out on confusion over NFL rules

"At the end of the day this is foot".

"If you want to see flag football, let us take our pads off and make it easier for me". I feel like I gotta ask a guy 'hey are you ready for me to hit you right now?' before I hit you. But give me flags to pull off so I know what we're playing. If you don't want to be a little kid and get your ass hit, don't come out here.

Mitchell also discussed a fine he received two years ago for a hit on the Cincinnati Bengals tight end Tyler Eifert, claiming that the only reason the hit on Eifert was illegal was because he had to dive to catch a poorly thrown ball from quarterback Andy Dalton. It seems to be more about P.R. than precedent, and it's important that the league have a system that makes clear what will and what won't result in significant consequences.

Iloka's suspension was reversed upon appeal, while Smith-Schuster's was upheld.

"I don't like to compare players and suspensions, things like that, but if you look at what Gronk did and what JuJu did and they got the same suspension - I don't know if that's necessarily fair", Roethlisberger said.

Mitchell was also highly critical of the National Football League on Twitter, where he called for Commissioner Roger Goodell to be fired as news broke that Goodell signed a five-year contract extension. How the NFL and lower levels of football evolve, or don't, will determine if the game continues to thrive or becomes a sport, much like boxing, that younger generations don't want to play or watch.

Gronkowski dropped an elbow to the back of Tre'Davious White's head as White was lying on the ground after the whistle in Sunday's Patriots-Bills matchup.

Mitchell is a hard-hitting safety and it has cost him some money. My nephew goes to school there. Don't judge me on what you see on football, because football's my competitive side. Before the season, Matthew Stafford became the league's highest-paid player by signing a five-year, $135 million extension with the Detroit Lions.

If players want that to change with the next CBA, they're going to have to prepare to miss some games. We gotta get better leadership as who's running the league, because obviously everybody, from fans, owners, players are all disappointed in Roger Goodell. You never get to see us line somebody up in a hole like a linebacker. "There needs to be a set guideline on how we do what we do". "It's absolutely absurd. But like I said, it's Steelers vs the world". It's still very confusing whether a hit was "legal" or not and it's hard for defenders to know whether they will be flagged for hits that might cross the line. "And I guess (Iloka's suspension) got overturned because AB got up and scored a touchdown?"

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