Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan becomes the new captain of the house

Bigg Boss 11 4th December 2017 written update Arshi asks Hiten to give her an oil massage

Vikas Gupta planned a strategy to remove Hina from the race. Shilpa Shinde's brother Ashutosh Shinde, Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal and Vikas Gupta's Siddharth will be entering the house.

It was then, time for the captaincy task - every housemate will have to babysit another housemate's doll and the garden area is turned into a play school. "You are a loser", angry Hiten tells Akash. Puneesh was Priyank's baby sitter and Arshi Khan was Shilpa's baby sitter. Bigg Boss introduced a rather interesting task this time - the contestants have been equipped with dolls (which are actually baby figurines of the contestants) and they have double up as full time baby-sitters, with intermediate tasks in between.

Vikas tells Luv that he will give him priority over Priyank when it comes to captaincy task. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him. Does Shilpa know that Puneesh, on the other hand, tells Vikas that he wants Arshi to win? Another alram rings and Puneesh doesn't park the pram, and hence Luv gets out of the captaincy race. He even had a fight with Arshi Khan later only to make peace with her again. Vikas and Hiten agree with her on her face. She also calls Hiten, "a spineless man". Arshi asks Vikas to save her doll, and Vikas says he will make it reach the top three.

In the previous episode, it was seen that Vikas and Priyank were scheming about the task, so someone from them could become the captain. Read Also: Bigg Boss 11, Day 64, December 4 Live updatesHere are the written live updates of today's Bigg Boss 11, Episode 66, Day 66, December 6, 2017:11.26 pm: Everyone gets into bed as Arshi begins teasing Hiten Soon, Akash walks in and jumps on Arshi's bed and hugs her. 11.25 pm: Akash teases Shilpa Shilpa tells him she will slap him if he doesn't stop. He says that it looks as if he is being trained and controlled by her. Luv gets out of the game in the next round. Vikas says Arshi, Puneesh all are in the game.

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