Watch the first trailer for Netflix's new science fiction show Altered Carbon

Netflix's Altered Carbon trailer paints a grotesque, violent dystopian future

One look at the trailer below and it's clear that Altered Carbon is an expensive undertaking for Netflix.

Either way, the new series certainly fits with the Netflix ethos of investing more and more in its original programming as competing streaming services crop up and further splinter rights to existing film and TV. In the show's freaky AF universe, people can download their consciousness into new bodies, or "sleeves" as they call them. In a world inspired by Richard K. Morgan's 2002 noir science fiction novel, a soldier is brought back to life to investigate a rich man's murder. Kovacs has his unconsciousness imprisoned and, when he's awakened in a new body hundreds of years later, learns a wealthy businessman, Laurens Bancroft, has freed him with the intention that Kovacs would help Bancroft solve a crime.

Over the summer, Netflix likely ruined the day for some sci-fi fans when the company announced its biggest original genre series, Sense8, wouldn't be returning for a third season.

The trailer offers up some glimpses of the novel's cyberpunk world: there's plenty of neon lighting, some action, and Kinnaman explaining, "The danger of living too many times: you forget to fear death".

With its Blade Runner-esque visuals and enormous scope, we can't wait to binge the entire series when it arrives on the service on February 2, 2018.

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