Time names "The Silence Breakers" as Person of the Year

TIME Names ‘The Silence Breakers’ Behind #MeToo As Person Of The Year 2017

Time magazine has named the social movement aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault, epitomized by the #MeToo social media hashtag, as the most influential "person" in 2017, the publication announced yesterday.

The group has been dubbed the "silence breakers" and includes a list of women and men who have championed the #MeToo movement in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal and the many claims against Hollywood men that followed.

The win for the #metoo movement marks the 91st time the magazine has named a person, group or a concept that has had the greatest impact on the world that year. Gracing the cover the for annual edition are women including actress Ashley Judd, singer Taylor Swift, and former Uber engineer Susan Fowler.

Ironically enough, the announcement was made Wednesday on NBC's "Today" show, which just fired former host Matt Lauer for his own sexual misconduct. This was brought into the forefront by American actress Alyssa Milano when she tweeted out the moving cry - "If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write "me too" as a reply to this tweet" - October 15. With over 12 million women using the hashtag in solidarity and revealing incidents that had taken place in their own lives, the magnitude of the problem was discovered. Milano has said she wasn't aware of Burke's contributions when she made her initial tweet and has since publicly credited her. "I've been saying from the beginning it's not just a moment, it's a movement", Burke said.

"As women, we have to support each other and stand together and say, 'That's it". "It's vital to me that we really set in some actionable things that we can do to continue this momentum".

This year's short list was dominated by men, including Chinese president Xi Jinping, special prosecutor Robert Mueller, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and National Football League player Colin Kaepernick.

With its Person of the Year choice, Time recognized "silence breakers", whom the president, it seems, would have preferred keep quiet. O'Reilly also denies any wrongdoing, but the news company severed its ties with the well-known commentator. The arm of a sixth person has also been included in this iconic cover - of a woman who gave Time an account of the incident she had faced - but declined to be pictured as it would "threaten her livelihood".

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