The Miami Marlins Are Giving An Ultimatum To Disgruntled Star Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton Trade Offer from Giants Reportedly Revealed

The meetings however do not necessarily indicate that a deal is close to being finalized, the meetings were more of a feeling out process for the teams involved, it was a chance to pitch the organization to Stanton, and to try to sway him into approving a deal.

It has been reported that Stanton wants to head out west and play for San Francisco Giants.

The San Francisco Giants have agreed to take Giancarlo Stanton.

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter said Tuesday that Miami has not decided whether to trade Stanton, still owed $295 million over the final decade of his record $325 million, 13-year contract.

While it may or may not seal the deal for Stanton to call The Lou his next baseball home, it's always nice hearing and seeing our town's famous brethren singing it's praises.

Is your team one of the seven in the running to sign Shohei Ohtani? "But our terms with the Marlins are clear". He still has quite a few years left and doesn't want to waste them in Miami. Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. did a great job of breaking down the Dodgers' current straits on this front. They'll need to trade Stanton to achieve that, as his contract runs through the 2028 season.

Pavolvic aslo notes that the Giants view the Dodgers as their biggest threat to the trade for the National League MVP, not the Cardinals, who have been pursuing Stanton as well. When asked specifically about absorbing the majority of that contract, Evans didn't address it. Stanton reportedly has no interest playing in St. Louis.

Todd Frazier would make a lot of sense for the Mets at third, especially since David Wright is not someone they can rely on any longer. And beyond all that.

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