Terry Crews Files Lawsuit Against Adam Venit For Sexual Assault

Terry Crews attends 2017 the Fox Fall Party at Catch LA in West Hollywood Calif. Crews has filed a lawsuit against the man he claims groped him at a Hollywood party last year

Terry Crews has chose to take legal action against the Hollywood agent he accused of sexually assaulting him past year, filing a lawsuit against Adam Venit for allegedly grabbing his genitals at an industry event.

Crews' lawsuit comes shortly after Venit returned to work at WME talent agency following a brief suspension while the company conducted an investigation into Crews' claims.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews made headlines in the days following the first wave of Harvey Weinstein allegations by relaying, via Twitter, the story of how a "high level Hollywood exec" groped him at an industry function.

Crews took to Twitter yesterday to point out that Venit is actor Dustin Hoffman's agent.

Venit took some time away from the agency following Crews' initial tweets about the incident in October, but is supposedly back in the office. "He's grabbing my nuts!"' the filling says Crews yelled to Sandler who "shook his head at Venit in disbelief as Venit just stood there giggling and smirking at Crews and his wife". Crews says he pushed Venit and turned to actor Adam Sandler and said, "Adam, come get your boy!" Afterward, Sandler called to check on Crews and find out more of what had happened, and apologized for the incident. Crews reported the assault to WME, but to his knowledge Venit faced no consequences beyond calling him to apologize.

Crews met with WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel last month to discuss his accusations and, according to the filing, Emanuel promised strong corrective action.

Crews is suing for assault, battery, sexual battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and negligent retention and supervision.

Crews had previously filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department in regards to the alleged assault.

The actor added that, as a result of the incident, he has suffered psychologically and has never felt more emasculated and objectified in his life.

As of this writing, Venit and WME have not responded to requests for comment. "I was horrified", Crews said.

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