Students participate in worldwide coding initiative


Employees of Accenture from across 56 countries will have pledged more than 2,000 hours to volunteer a local events, along with teachers and, to help students learn coding and computer science skills. is marking the beginning of Computer Science Education Week with a development of its own: $12 million in new funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Infosys and PwC.

This growing interest in computer science is excellent news for economies across the region which are gearing up to compete in the fourth industrial revolution, an economic landscape which will be dominated by digital technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence and next-generation transportation.

Through the engagement with games and hands-on learning, students are able to use the Code Kit to invent, create and collaborate as a way to get students interested and engaged in coding.

The campaign takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week, which this year is December 4-10.

"It tells you step-by-step and it helps you", she said.

Students studying computer skills in Jakarta, Indonesia, November 10, 2017. The "Hour of Code" events are sponsored in partnership with with the goal of teaching computer science in a fun and creative way that appeals to children of all ages and backgrounds. "In addition, graduates with computer science skills are in high demand for the hundreds of thousands of unfilled computing jobs".

More than 450 middle school girls from metro schools will take part in what's called "Hour of Code". Schools and companies across New Mexico will be hosting and participating in Hour of Code events.

"I think that it's great and that they should share it with their friends or others so that they can learn how to code, too".

McKinley says coding is like playing a game and she is the designer.

Among them was Maddox Hazel, a sixth-grader at Plano Elementary School, who guided a robot character around his screen by locking blocks of computer code into place.

To celebrate in this year's Computer Science Education Week (December 4-10), UCR Extension and the Riverside County Office of Education join the nearly 40,000 worldwide events to present the Hour of Code on Wednesday, December 6.

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