Shaun Livingston And Referee Courtney Kirkland Suspended For Bumping Heads

Shaun Livingston made contact with referee Courtney Kirkland. More

On Monday, the National Basketball Association announced Livingston would be suspended for one game for his actions, missing Golden State's game against the Pelicans on Monday, while Kirkland would be held out of the NBA's officiating rotation for one week for escalating the matter. "I've got to just shut up and take it".

As for individual players, Green believes, again with some merit, that he is targeted and that much of it goes back to that 2016 suspension.

Without Livingston, the Warriors only have one true point guard - Stephen Curry - against the Heat. Two of his teammates, Andre Iguodala and Omri Casspi, are far quicker to plead with officials than they are to accept being whistled.

What we weren't sure about, however, was whether or not Kirkland would be punished for his role in the incident.

Livingston pled his case to the referee and appeared to bump heads with him.

Kirkland's suspension will start tonight and end on Sunday.

Shaun Livingston could return to action this coming Wednesday against the Charlotte Hornets.

If anything, Shaun Livingston will serve his suspension Monday against the Pelicans, which came at a very convenient time since the 32-year-old guard was previously scheduled to sit out for rest purposes.

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