Rain in the forecast along with colder temperatures

Tuesday Weather: Very Cold Day

It only takes one post on social media for everyone to get excited about the possibility to see snow.

I can't say yet if these storms will bring a more serious bit of rain or snow to the area. As that front looks to be fairly far off the coast, most of the moisture should therefore stay out over the ocean as well. Temperatures on Wednesday will hover in the low 50s, with another batch of lighter showers possible by evening. None of these systems are set in stone yet, and in fact there is a decent chance that both of them miss our region, and we do not see any snow at all. Any wintry mix would likely remain just north of the North and SC border and away from the Grand Strand and Pee Dee. What does that mean for us?

Skies will stay clear and lows will drop into the mid to upper 20s. Temperatures will be about 20-25° above average today, with highs reaching the mid 50s.

Tonight, cloudy with showers. Warmer and more humid air will flow over the top of the colder air in place over us.

Cloudy and breezy; periods of rain early, tapering off and ending later on. Minor coastal flooding is possible Tuesday morning.

Models are going back and forth on various solutions. There is a much better chance for snow showers in the mountains - likely accumulating, especially in the higher elevations - Friday into Saturday.

Don't get too excited about snow as it takes the ideal ingredients for it to occur. No snow accumulation is expected anywhere in central North Carolina. The 1st will arrive late Friday into Saturday, the second looks to arrive late Monday into Tuesday.

This forecast was prepared by the CBS North Carolina weather team and is based on the latest information available and years of weather forecasting in North Carolina.

Plus, you can get the First Alert forecast every 10 minutes on Channel 27.3 Weather NOW.

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