Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams Team Up for 'Star Trek' Movie

But he apparently does, and has been talking to Paramount and JJ Abrams about an idea for a new Trek movie.

Although details on the story are now being kept under wraps, the website claims the two men struck up a partnership after Tarantino came up with a "great idea" for a new Star Trek film. According to the outlets, the two have developed a pitch and are in the process of setting up a writers' room for the next film.

If all goes well, Tarantino would direct with Abrams producing.

Turning A Classic Episode Into A Movie?

In the case of Tarantino, however, it's hard to think of a writer-director with more of a specific, honed sensibility. There's a chance that if he likes the results, he might even direct it, though we question whether QT would want count it among his own films, since he's planning to make a limited number of movies. On an episode of Nerdist's podcasttwo years ago, Tarantino explained that while he was a fan of Abrams' Star Trek, he wasn't as fond of Star Trek Into Darkness.

The crux of Tarantino's argument was that the best Star Trek episode scripts could easily be expanded into a 90-minute movie.

Folloing the release of Star Trek Beyond in 2016, Paramount announced plans for a fourth film focusing on Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) and his deceased father (Chris Hemsworth). Moving beyond this stage would require a great deal of work before Paramount would consider greenlighting the project. This means that the next Star Trek film might require a new source of funding before it could be greenlit. While Tarantino is known for penning and directing his own movies, he has also directed for established franchises like CSI and ER.

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