Possible info breach affects 374000 Duke Energy customers, officials say

PayPal's TIO data breach: 1.6 million customers' personal details stolen by hackers

Duke Energy - Carolinas says a "data compromise" could have included about 374,000 of its customers over a almost 10-year period.

The company will soon begin notifying anyone whose information they believe may have been compromised, including approximately 374,000 Duke Energy Carolinas customers. "This could be a grocery store".

Back in November, PayPal started investigating its newly-acquired subsidiary TIO Networks' servers for security vulnerabilities and made a decision to suspend the latter's operations after TIO's servers were found wanting in terms of information security standards practiced by PayPal itself. The company is owned by PayPal, and handles Duke Energy's walk-in payment processing centers in six states.

Duke Energy has announced that some of its customers may have had their personal information stolen.

PayPal said it has reached out to billers to obtain addresses for affected consumers and it expects to mail notices to all potentially impacted consumers soon. Numerous consumers who used TIO's payment methods were lower income consumers, according to the Attorney General's office.

King's customers could use the Global Express service for free, but the alternative, Western Union, charges $3.25 for the bill payments, he said. "I have to go through the whole scenario and explain to them that Global Express has been down since November 10".

However, the company did emphasize that no Paypal user has been affected by the breach. Many of its customers don't have bank accounts and rely on the service to pay their bills.

He said about 50 or 60 people a month would come in to pay their power bill.

The breach occurred on a platform PayPal acquired in July - TIO Networks - and prior to PayPal buying the company.

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