New General Motors app lets you order and shop from your vehicle

New General Motors app lets you order and shop from your vehicle

General Motors (GM) wants to help you get your favorite cup of coffee faster with its new Marketplace platform. Most automakers seemingly prevent you from doing most anything having to do with apps while behind the wheel.

Drivers can also purchase more data for in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, discounts on oil changes or deals on GM accessories in the "Shop" section of the application.

Drivers may soon be able to order Starbucks coffee and Wingstop wings directly from the dashboard of their GM automobile.

A major goal of GM's service is to provide a simpler, safer alternative to using smartphones to place mobile orders, GM spokesman Vijay Iyer said, noting it's designed in accordance with voluntary driver-distraction guidelines agreed to by auto companies.

GM is taking a big step in expanding the mobile functionality of its vehicles as drivers seek greater connectivity while also obeying laws that restrict cell-phone use.

National Safety Council President Deborah Hersman says the app will contribute to distracted driving, already a factor in a quarter of all vehicle crashes and hurt efforts to stem rising auto fatalities, which grew 5.6 percent to more than 37,000 in the US a year ago. "Just click, click and you're done".

The new service, available on some existing GM 2017 model Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles, will offer a growing number of retail, fuel, hospitality, food, hotel and transportation brands on the in-vehicle touch-screens, the company said. This effort began last week and will be completed Tuesday. No separate data plan is required to use the Marketplace. Gm says it's the first ever commerce platform of the automotive industry which offers new service for on-demand reservations and purchases of goods and services. It also will have features that can search for nearby ExxonMobil or Shell stations - and GM plans to eventually add Shell's in-car payment functionality that it trialed in the United Kingdom with Jaguar Land Rover.

Chamorro also noted in the release that Marketplace is the first in a set of new features and services that will be rolling out over the next 12-18 months. Chamorro said more merchants are expected to join. The order will be ready and waiting when the driver pulls into the drive-thru lane. The service is launching with a variety of partner companies, including: GM, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, Wingstop, TGI Friday's, Shell, ExxonMobil,, Parkopedia, Applebee's, IHOP, and Auto buyers are showing an increased preference for vehicles that have in-car human machine interfaces (HMI), with solutions offered by tech companies being more popular than the on-board systems installed at the factory.

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