Mike Pence denies report he offered to take over as Republican nominee

Evan Vucci  AP

Donald Trump once believed Mike Pence was embarrassingly poor and chalked up the IN governor and his family as a bunch of "yokels", The Atlantic reports.

In fact, Pence was "disgusted" by Donald Trump after the emergence of the 2005 Access Hollywood tape in early October of a year ago, according to a former campaign aide. Trump remained on the ticket and won the race weeks later.

Its release caused dissent among senior Republicans with a number withdrawing their endorsements and calls for Mr Trump to stand down as the party's candidate, fearing it would severely harm their chances of electoral success. Preibus would later serve in the Trump administration as the US President's White House chief of staff, only to be forced out of the role after a stormy six-month tenure.

Meanwhile, a group of billionaires (whom the article does not name) went as far as to ask a Trump associate to name the price for Trump's dropping out, according to The Atlantic. It is unclear whether he was ever made aware of the proposal or if it was even formally made.

Top Republican donors sought to buy out Donald Trump from the presidential campaign after the "Access Hollywood" tape - but the cost proved to be too high. A former campaign aide told the magazine Ms Pence, in particular, was "disgusted" by the tape.

The story claims that some in the GOP suggested that Pence be the party's presidential nominee with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the vice presidential slot. "Didn't happen", she said.

Before the election but after her husband had been chosen vice-presidential running mate, Karen Pence had a choice reaction to Donald Trump and his "Access Hollywood" boastings.

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