Julianne Nicholson Thinks We Need More Women Like Tonya Harding

Margot Robbie didn't realize she injured her neck training for'I Tonya

Above, listen to one version of "Tonya Harding", set to footage of her 1991 U.S. Figure Skating Championships performance, and read Stevens' full essay here. But she was also simply un-categorical: "American's sweetheart with a dark twist", he wrote. Harding, of course, allegedly paid her ex-husband to club the right knee of fellow skater and competitor Nancy Kerrigan, the night before they were to compete in the US Women's Championships at Cobo Hall. And, though she seems perfectly content to live her life in peace, she has stepped out recently to support I, Tonya, giving fans a glimpse at Tonya Harding in 2017. She also raced vintage automobiles (setting a record by driving a Ford Model A over 97 miles per hours on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah). Over the years, she has appeared in a few reality television shows, including as a contestant on Celebrity Boxing in 2002.

Last month, director Craig Gillespie brought the tragic true story of Tonya Harding-a former Olympian with a legacy tainted by an unforgivable scandal-back into the spotlight with his film I, Tonya. Filmed in Georgia, it retold the events of the 1994 attack against Kerrigan, with the following aftermath ending Harding's professional career.

This comes even as biopic about Oregon's fallen skating hero, "I, Tonya", is set for a limited release on December 8. Despite her protestations of innocence, Harding never really got the image rehab we're used to seeing from professional athletes.

She confessed: "I knew, from that point on, any time mum asked me to help her move a giant snake to just do it". Really, really incredible. She was very complimentary about what we pulled off, and she was really kind about my skating even though I'm nowhere near as good as I should be. I heard [Tonya] was actually happy with it. I am also an editor for Turning Point News and a foreign correspondent for Snip.And in case you were wondering, it's supposed to be pronounced "Wit-2".

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