Google Maps introduces two-wheeler mode in India

The roll-out can be noticed on certain Android devices running

In the two-wheeler navigation mode major landmarks along the route are shared with riders so it becomes easier to be a bit familiar of of the journey before setting off.

The new feature appears to be rolling out initially in India, and I got a chance to check it out here.

Google Maps director Martha Welsh made an official announcement at the event that the feature is being introduced in India as India has the largest number of registered two-wheeler vehicles.

Android Police takes note of that Motorcycle Mode has flown up in the source code for a portion of the past versions yet this is the first occasion when that we are seeing it run live with the most recent version. You can access it by searching for a destination, and then tapping the motorcycle icon in the row of transport mode options. "It also provides customized traffic and arrival-time estimations", said Google in its blog. And now a two-wheeler rider too can rely on the same, thanks to the new update by Google Maps.

Now with the latest update, the app gets an India-specific "Two Wheeler Mode". Voice-guided navigation like the vehicle mode has also been carried forward to the 2-wheeler mode. The feature will also reportedly show parking status at the destination along with road closures on the way.

She explained that the two-wheeler feature will see Google Maps recommending alternative routes that it won't for cars, such as some alleyways that are permissible to bikes. Now, the search giant is expecting 2x user growth in the country alone on the Google Maps.

In recent times we've seen how Google has chosen to focus their efforts in India where it has a developing market.

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