Google Doodle marks 50 years of teaching kids to code

A student at Pacific Middle School in Des Moines Wash. writes computer code as part of the international Hour of Code project

Keeping with the tradition of commemorating important dates and people, the doodle team over at Google today (December 4) is celebrating 50 years since children programming languages were introduced.

Google's kids programming Doodle involves helping this rabbit eat all of the carrots.How does Google's Doodle help kids learn to code?

Google is marking the 50th anniversary of children learning how to code with the release of a new Doodle that acts as an interactive video game. Today's celebrates 50 years of children's programming language with an interactive, six-leveled quest created to teach kids coding. Researchers and experts at MIT developed both Logo and Scratch, which builds on Logo creators' ideas about kids coding and using computers.

"Kids programming on computers must have sounded futuristic and impractical in the 1960's when Logo was first created", the MIT Media Lab's Champika Fernando wrote in a blog post. While working on the programming language, a little green turtle would move around and draw lines on a black screen.

Google Doodle Coding Interface starts simply
Google Doodle Coding Interface starts

Although the game may appear simple with a childlike appeal with the cartoon characters, designing the game was no child's play as it took three teams to put it together - The Google Doodle team, Google Blocky team, and researchers from MIT Scratch. The bunny game relies on Scratch, a children's programming language that was developed in the early 2000s at the Massachusetts Insitutute of Technology's Media Lab. "It makes me happy to think of all of the nine-year-olds who will get their first coding experience playing with today's Doodle", says Fernando.

She added in saying that, "This week, millions of people around the world can and will have their first experience with coding".

Logo is a basic programming language that teaches programming principles in a fun and easy way which makes it ideal for kids.

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