Gingers have souls too: Here are the 2018 emoji candidates

Here's your first look at all the new emoji coming next year

The Unicode Consortium, meanwhile, is putting an emphasis on Asian culture, with proposed emojis for mooncake-a Chinese baked good traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival; red envelope, which typically signifies a monetary gift given during the holidays or special occasions; and the Nazar eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. These draft candidates include redheads, cupcakes, and mangoes. Google finally fixed the burger emoji.

Emoji are a big part of today's conversations and they're constantly evolving, improving, and expanding.

If you can't stand the long wait till the release of iOS 12, you can at least get a sense of what may be coming by keeping an eye on the Unicode Consortium's emoji candidates list. It contains 130 "draft candidates", new emoji that may or may not make the final cut come January 2018.

In a statement to Emojipedia, Unicode President Mark Davis stated that "Final decisions about the 2018 emoji list will be made at the Unicode Technical Meeting in January, with details to be published by the end of Q1 2018".

There are also new animals such as raccoons and llamas, new food & drink items, a new cracker emoji filed under "activities", new objects, tools, household items, symbols, and more. Vendors will have to choose which options they'd like to offer, but we see very little reason why both "flips" of each emoji shouldn't be included. It seems "red hair", "white hair", and "curly hair" have all survived up until now and will proceed to the final round.

It's also worth mentioning that Unicode has updated TR-51, its emoji documentation.

Emoji with glyphs that face to the right or left may face either direction, according to vendor preference. New emoji sequences, which are used for variations on a single emoji (like the skin tone variations), were added as well, giving the superhero and supervillain two gender options, skin tone options for leg and foot and 48 new sequences for man and woman, which include skin tone variations and hairstyle options. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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