Fleet new vehicle registrations fall in November as diesel demand drops again

New car registrations fell-11.2% year-on-year in November to 163,541 units pushing down year-to-date registrations to-5

This is down 11.2 per cent on the same month past year, something the SMMT is growing increasingly concerned about.

This year that figure is on course to fall by more than 5 per cent, a decline of more than 11,000 cars a month and one likely to take it below 2015 levels of 2.6 million.

DIESEL cars sales crashed by a third last month as the new vehicle market suffered another drop. Private registrations fell by 5.1%, while fleet registrations dropped by 14.4%.

The lobby group for United Kingdom carmakers said that while that decline drove overall sales 11% lower year on year, higher petrol auto sales helped offset that figure.

But the decline in sales has been led by huge drop-offs in executive auto sales - models that often have big, powerful diesels under the bonnet.

The fall marks the eight month of falling registrations in 2017. Alternative fuel registrations, on the other hand, continued to pick up pace in November with 33.1 per cent rise in registrations. The decision to tax the latest low emission diesels is a step backwards and will only discourage drivers from trading in their older, more polluting cars.

A total of 163,541 new cars were registered last month, and although the overall numbers were down, sales of petrol engined cars rose by 5 per cent to 92,944 - an nearly 57 per cent market share - and those of Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles (AFV) rose too by 33.1 per cent to take a 5.4 per cent market share. From these results, we can only assume that many business buyers have held off changing their cars. Given fleet renewal is the fastest way to improve air quality, penalising the latest, cleanest diesels is counterproductive and will have detrimental environmental and economic consequences.

"However, whilst the new auto market is slowing, there remains great opportunity within the used vehicle market - a market that is three times larger than that of the new auto market".

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