Bigg Boss 11 Winner: Shilpa could win the show

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Aarshi, however, warns Hina that Vikas Gupta is pulling the strings and that Hiten Tejwani is his partner in crime.

Bigg Boss 11 day 65 began with the housemates dancing to "Chota bacha samajh ke" which was a clue to the task that the housemates performed today for captaincy. The baby sitting task in fun until, Arshi, who has a doll with Shipa Shinde's face, dips the doll inside the water. The contestants were supposed to take care of their baby contestants and reserve a parking space in the garden area. Hina lashes out at Hiten and Vikas, saying: "Kaun hota hai yeh hume captain banane wale. hum apna game khelte hai, tum apna game khelo".

Akash asked Shilpa to patch up with Arshi but his efforts failed, as both of them were in no mood to reconcile.

Why does Shilpa want to save Puneesh?

In the last episode, Luv and Priyank were seen talking to each other where the former said that the way Salman Khan is appreciating Shilpa Shinde every weekend, is bothering Hina. Priyank tells her that Vikas always plots and schemes like that. Akash tries to console her. Vikas tells Puneesh that he will survive only if Luv gets nominated with him. Vikas can't turn down the request, as Luv is carrying Vikas's doll. When Arshi again questions Vikas about their friendship, Vikas shuts her up saying that her accusations were disgusting. Let's see who among Priyank, Luv, Arshi and Vikas becomes the new captain of the house.

Meanwhile, Akash is on his own trip. A sound of baby crying was played at regular intervals, when the housemates had to take their respective prams to the parking lot and park them. Shilpa refuses. Arshi, who is expecting an apology from Shilpa, keeps showering rude words on Shilpa. He goes on to apologise to Puneesh for not being able to succeed despite "genuinely trying".

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