Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani forcefully kisses Shilpa Shinde, fans outrage

Bigg Boss 11 4th December 2017 written update Arshi asks Hiten to give her an oil massage

He is one of those contestants who can go to any limit of craziness to entertain the audience and sometimes he crosses the line. Only time will tell who's real.

Hiten teases them and calls them a young couple. While we were just trying to overcome what Akash asked Shilpa to do last week, the contestant's latest antic has left us baffled.

Bigg Boss 11 day 65 began with the housemates dancing to "Chota bacha samajh ke" which was a clue to the task that the housemates performed today for captaincy. The babies are miniature dolls of other contestants and the Bigg Boss has decided who will take care of whom. There is no Sanchalak for Round 1, but the first one to be out of the task will become the supervisor! The buzzer rings and they rush for the parking of the prams.

Arshi raised her doubts over Vikas' loyalty towards her and Hiten. Shilpa agrees provided he saves Puneesh later on during nominations.

Vikas makes it clear that he doesn't want to save Arshi's doll. Each doll was in a pram. The third alarm After getting into an argument, Akash tells Hiten he will not take him forward in the game. Akash agrees. He says he was bored and done. Whenever the crying alarm sounds, the babysitters have to run to the parking lot. Hiten and Shilpa are out of the captaincy race, as both, Akash and Arshi deliberately fail to park the pram.

After that, Hiten was out of the race as Akash didn't park his pram. However, she made good friends like Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi. Hina was looking for a chance to dump Akash's doll.

Vikas tells Puneesh to think smartly if he wants to survive. However, Arshi Khan's grasp of primary school-level information (or the lack of it) was shocking to say the least.

Vikas Gupta asked a few general knowledge questions to Arshi Khan and she failed miserably! She snubs him saying, "Bahut maar khaega, thappad khaega abhi". Will she forget the past and start with a new beginning? She was one of the strongest voices of support for Priyank when he entered the Bigg Boss house.

Hiten, who lost out on captaincy because of Akash has a verbal spat with the latter which become ugly. For another question on the solar system, she avoids it by saying that she has not seen any of them. And then Akash says he is not interested in becoming the captain. Vikas explains how the game revolves, to Luv and Priyank.

On the other hand, Puneesh is adamant on not making Arshi the captain, so that Arshi stands along with him for this week's elimination. Irritated, Arshi says, she does not care about being a captain. Priyank too comes to Vikas seeking help. Vikas can't turn down the request, as Luv is carrying Vikas's doll.

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