Apple Pay Cash: Everything You Need To Know

iOS 11.2 fixes date bug that crashes iDevices, begins Apple Pay Cash rollout

Apple released iOS 11.2 to take care of the iOS restart bug, but the update was not ready for prime time just yet.

Apple Pay Cash is finally starting to roll out to users in the States, bringing the ability to send other iOS users payments directly through iMessage.

Numerous comments were complaining about Apple, saying that the iOS 11 was the most problematic iOS version which included problems of receiving sound when talking on the phone, of music settings, overheating and system crashes. Although Apple Pay lets users make purchases with credit or debit cards attached to their accounts, Apple Pay Cash allows people to transfer money between each other. It also offers new features for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Over a seven-day period, you can add a maximum of $10,000.

Once you tap Request or Send, the amount will populate in the text field and you'll have a couple chances to confirm it before sending. The update also starts the rollout for Apple Pay Cash and enables 7.5W wireless charging on new iPhones. Sending and receiving money from friends and family is now secure, faster and more convenient than ever with Apple Pay. Those funds can then be used to make purchases in stores or online, or users can transfer the money to their bank account. You can tap on the Apple Pay Cash message to see your transaction history and even request a statement, as shown above.

You can also invoke Siri and send money, by saying, "Send $10 to John".

To use Venmo or Square Cash, users must download the free apps from the App Store. It's possible that Apple will formally activate Apple Pay Cash later this week. When it's done, you'll spot an Apple Pay Cash card in Wallet that you can access and use. Press and hold the side power key, and any one of the volume buttons, then swipe the slider to the "off" position until your screen goes dark.

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