Amazon Australia starts taking orders

Amazon officially launches in Australia today

However, searches the new Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, which should have been on sale for the first time to Amazon Australian customers for $69, bring up only books.

The Australian retail landscape received a big shakeup today, with Amazon finally launching its fully-fledged Australian online store with a raft of deals across all the major retail categories.

The move establishes the $550 billion behemoth as an aggressive presence in the sluggish Australian retail sector, just as shopkeepers were hoping for a rush of sales over the important Christmas holiday season.

After a very soft launch on November 23 had Australians wondering if they'd see Amazon up and running before Christmas, the company has finally, officially launched in Australia.

Rocco Braeuninger, country manager for Australia, said they plan to create thousands of new jobs and invest millions in the country. One area where the deals are especially compelling is fitness trackers, with Amazon offering popular models from Fitbit, Garmin and Yafex at prices significantly lower than those now available at other local retailers. This also meant Australians had to wait longer times, and pay higher fees, for shipping.

Shoppers could pay a fee for faster shipping times.

It also did not comment on any last-minute problems from an order-taking trial which began on November 23. Australia is the size of the mainland United States, with one-thirteenth its population.

It's a huge moment for Australian retail, and one of the most anticipated launches of the year, after Amazon confirmed in April 2017 it would expand its operations in Australia.

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