A new Portal game will launch this month-Bridge Constructor Portal

A new Portal game will launch this month—Bridge Constructor Portal

Headup Games is a hybrid games publishing and development company providing players worldwide with the best content in the independent gaming sector. Now, Valve is partnering with Headup Games and Clockstone Software to send us back to Aperture Laboratories later this month with a... bridge building simulator?

This may not be the Portal game that everyone wanted, but Bridge Constructor is a fun series regardless, and the addition of Portal elements should only enhance that. It'll be coming to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One early next year. Screenshots seem to imply a Lemmings-style setup where a set number of vehicles have to successfully reach the end of a level to succeed.

Bridge Constructor Portal releases on PC and mobile on the 20th of December.

Backing up a bit, if you've never played a Portal game before, I implore you to fix that problem.

Unfortunately there's still no signs of a proper Portal 3.

Crossing rivers with suspension bridges or steel rebar is folksy and quaint, but those methods are too old fashioned for Aperture Science.

Those mechanics have found a sizable audience, as Bridge Constructor has surpassed more than a million copies sold. The original title is very physics heavy, which fits perfectly with the Portal franchise. Rather than a Valve-made sequel to Portal 1 and 2, today "Headup Games" announced that they would be releasing "Bridge Constructor Portal", a spin-off of the Bridge Constructor series.

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