Release Date of God of War is been Listed on PlayStation 4

Sony might have just revealed the God of War release date

The site has since been corrected to the old placeholder date of December 31, 2018, but not before I took a screenshot. Now, the biggest doubt is related to the launch date of the game. That lines up with Sony's early 2018 estimate from E3, and gives the start of next year another huge title to look forward to. The new leaked dates suggest that the PlayStation store might release the same much sooner than anticipated. The first being that the post was a glitch and the second being Sony wants to keep the new release date a secret until the right time. An update on the game's store page is now listing a date - March 22. They've historically preferred either Tuesdays or Fridays. While the Thursday release date is slightly unusual, it's hard to ignore an indicator from such an official source as Sony themselves.

Keep in mind that in a few days 2 major video game events will be presented: The Game Awards 2017 and PlayStation Experience.

As spotted by Dualshockers, the North America PSN store now lists God of War for pre-order.

With an over the shoulder free camera that brings the player closer to the action than ever before, fights in God of War mirror the pantheon of Norse creatures Kratos will face: grand, gritty, and grueling.

Looking back at the God of War series as a whole, a March 22 release date does make a lot of sense.

Pre-order has already began for the God War in Flipkart and "Games The Shop", and just like majority of the games published by Sony, it will having a retail price of $60 in the US and for Rs. 3,999 in India.

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