Parents Express Outrage After Girl Kills Herself, Leaves Journal About Bullying

13-Year-Old Hangs Herself After Being Relentlessly Bullied For Wearing Braces And Left Letter Calling Herself 'Ugly

A 13-year-old California girl was set to be taken off life support Monday after attempting to take her own life a week prior, following years of bullying by her middle school peers.

The teen had left a letter apologizing to her family where she also referred to herself as a "loser" and "ugly".

Charlene said she couldn't understand how someone could be so mean to her. "Sorry, Mom, you're gonna find me like this".

But they were not aware of the extent of the bullying until after her death - when friends at her vigil showed them a video a classmate posted of Rosalie sitting by herself while the classmate made fun of her, her father said.

That same diary would detail the teenager's last words to her parents - and the world.

"I'm sorry mum and dad, I love you", she wrote.

"Dear great niece Rosalie, tomorrow you will save 8 lives, although your loss will be great handsome baby girl, we pray your daddy, mommy, sisters, and brothers will find some comfort knowing lives were saved because of you!", Martinez wrote.

Parents from the Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District and Mesa View Middle School, where Rosalie was a student, are demanding answers for why the school did not do more to stop the bullying. They said they received a message on social media, which featured a photo of their daughter in a very distasteful meme. "Tuck me in THIS", the caption read, with an arrow pointing to a grave. "You're a very heartless person, and you have no compassion". They knew classmates had bullied her in school and on social media but for the first time they are seeing just how very bad it was.

"I did everything I'm supposed to do as a father, and these people did not respond, because those bullies are still at the school", Freddie said. Charlene and Freddie are still trying to come to terms with what happened to their precious daughter, and they admit they "don't know" what ultimately went wrong. She was eventually taken off life support just days later.

Rosalie hanged herself at her home November 28 after writing notes to her parents that said she was sorry any pain her death caused them.

He lamented that his daughter's bullies were alive and walking the halls of Mesa View Middle School as he planned to bury his daughter. The couple said their daughter would often cut her wrists.

'No one can fathom the heartbreak and confusion that we are certain many of our students and families are feeling right now, ' the school said in a statement, according to NBC.

"She was a lovely person inside and out", her mother wrote on the GoFundMe page. Her smile would light up the whole room with her laughter. Rosalie had a great personality and was very amusing. Her dream was to become a lawyer so she could make the world a better place.

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