Nintendo Games Are Coming To NVIDIA Shield In China

Nintendo Wii Games Coming to NVIDIA Shield in China

However, since Nintendo games were placed on the Nvidia Shield to, as Ahmend puts it, "strengthen the position of [Nintendo, Nvidia, and iQiyi] in gaming segment in China", one would expect Nintendo to bring its A game and make the ports as smooth as possible.

If these Wii games run at 1080p, a resolution the Wii didn't actually support, they'll be crisp running in the Switch's Handheld mode which only requires 720p output.

All three of those games are remastered in 1080p and are available on the Chinese version of the SHIELD.

Aside from being a market tester for Nintendo, many believe that the introduction of Wii games onto the Shield will also function as a test run for future titles on the Virtual Console for the Switch. It retails for around $200 in the United States, and ships with a remote control and a game controller. Voice search, however, is swapped out with Baidu in the country as pointed out by Engadget. It has an impressive collection of Wii games such as Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Nintendo might consider launching new titles after seeing the performance of the current titles.

More details, photos and videos can be found courstesy of analyst Daniel Ahmad on his Twitter account and the (unofficial) Chinese Nintendo Twitter account. However, Nintendo has still to launch Switch in China. But then again, Nintendo isn't re-releasing Wii games for its current platforms - again, not yet, anyway - so this could open up a new audience with classic games.

Maybe we're overshooting here, as, again, the deal appears to be exclusive just to China, and Nintendo hasn't even said a word yet.

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