Astronauts throw pizza party on space station

This pizza party by NASA Astronauts at the International Space Station was literally out of the world

The result? Pizza in space.

A supply spacecraft in mid-November brought all the necessary ingredients: sauce, cheese, pepperoni, anchovy paste, tomatoes and more.

The International Space Station crew recently made some pizzas in microgravity, filming the fun for everyone on Earth to enjoy. The video showcases some moderate compromises pizza eaters have to make in space - you can't ignore the rest of the pizza while you eat one slice, for example, because it may float away from your dinner plate if you do.

The crew, he said in a tweet, "had a blast channeling our inner chef by building tasty pizzas for movie night".

Paolo Nespoli, one of the astronauts now on board the ISS, is Italian and understandably missed pizza so much that he brought the subject up to his boss during a public event that was live-streamed from space, Mashable reports.

After making their own individual-size pizzas, the six astronauts tossed and twirled them like floating Frisbees, before heating and devouring them.

Another astronaut, Randy Bresnik, gave the pizza "12 thumbs up!" and referred to the pizzas as "flying saucers of the edible kind".

Nespoli and NASA shared their "cosmic pizza" venture online and since then pizza lovers around the globe have lost their clam!

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