A Piece Of Cheese A Day Can Keep Heart Attacks Away!

Как сыр влияет на сердце

He said, "They do seem to be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and - particularly with yoghurt - Type 2 diabetes, which is an area of research we are trying to develop because there are 700 new cases every day". The aforementioned portion was 40 grams, roughly the size of a matchbox.

Cheese-lovers rejoice because apparently having a little bit of the gooey goodness every day can reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

New research conducted by Chinese University, Soochow, has shown that people who consume 40 grams of cheese per day have less chance of developing certain heart diseases. In addition, a number of substances in the cheese to prevent clogged arteries.

Consuming cheese on regular basis may lower the risk of getting heart attack, as per study reveals.

While cheese contains some nutrients that are beneficial to health - such as, zinc, and A and B-12 - it is also, which can increase levels and raise the risk of and.

However, they added, "It's unclear how long-term consumption affects the development of cardiovascular disease".

They found eating cheese frequently appeared to be beneficial for the heart rather than harmful.

Researchers made the finding after analysing 15 previous studies that followed the diet and health outcomes of over 200,000 people. Previously it was possible to hear statements that is rich in fat and cholesterol cheese - not too useful product.

The British Heart Foundation says cheese is a good source of vital calcium, but warns a 30g portion can account for seven per cent of overall recommended calorie intake in a day.

Ian Givens, Professor of Food Chain Nutrition at Reading University reacted to this research by saying that calcium obtained from dairy products like cheese play an important role in reducing body fat.

This could be because they're richer and can afford to eat more cheese, or due to their diet, one United Kingdom study included in the analysis followed vegetarians who would likely have a diet including lots of plants as well as cheese.

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