NBA's Ray Allen served restraining order for allegedly stalking a gay man

Ray Allen Files Court Motion Claiming He Was Catfished, Stalked

The retired National Basketball Association star found himself embroiled in a sexting scandal with a man who catfished Allen by pretending to be several women online. Mr. Coleman, who had become obsessed with Ray even though they had never met in person and even though Ray wanted nothing to do with him, refused to accept an end to their communications.

In documents filed Tuesday, Allen acknowledges he communicated with who he thought were those women and that he eventually entered into an agreement with Coleman to not disclose details of those conversations.

As the simple conversations turned into a serious case of stalking, Allen figured he should seek legal action, and went to an Orlando court to share his experience.

Allen filed an emergency motion in Orange County, Florida, on Tuesday, one day after Bryant Coleman told the court he is being stalked by the 10-time All-Star and two-time National Basketball Association champion.

"He posted about Ray's wife, Ray's children, Ray's dog, Ray's homes, Ray's wife's restaurant, and numerous other personal items", the motion added.

Now, this is the interesting and sick part: Coleman was allegedly "catfishing" Allen from Allen's wife's restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Instead, Coleman alleges that he and Allen were involved in a gay relationship - something that the former shooting guard and his lawyer deny. "And he would make sure they knew it, tagging Ray and his wife on those posts".

Coleman says that Allen's side of the story, that Coleman catfished him and pretended to be a woman in order to get "private information", is not true. Allen said that deal was violated and Coleman has continued to harass Allen and his family through several social-media accounts. He has asked the court to prevent Coleman from "cyber-stalking".

Markus claimed Allen regretted speaking with Coleman to begin with and was "thankful they never met in person". Situations like the one Allen finds himself in are the exception, not the rule. He is regarded as one of the best pure shooters to ever play the game, and is the league's all-time leader in 3-point field goals made. The 10x NBA All-Star won two NBA championships during his 18 seasons, including one with the Boston Celtics in 2008 and another with the Miami Heat in 2013.

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