He Managed to Kill 2 Robbers- With Infant in Arms

WATCH Off Duty Officer with Baby in His Arms Shoots Kills Two Robbers			Screengrab		by AWR Hawkins21 Nov 20170		21 Nov 2017		21 Nov 2017

The two hooded suspects were allegedly robbing the pharmacy.

State Police Sergeant Rafael Souza is being called a hero in the Brazilian media after he shot and killed two suspected robbers at a pharmacy in Sao Paulo November 19th.

According to reports, one of the raiders, Jefferson Alves, 24, pointed the gun at Sgt Souza after he identified himself as a police officer.

A Brazil cop got caught in a shootout, firing a gun while holding a baby.

Surveillance video shows Souza holding his son with one arm and his gun with the other. In the 0.23- second clip, the officer is seen holding his baby in one hand and firing towards the robbers with the other.

Souza told investigators he shot first because he figured if he announced he was a police officer, they would have just started shooting.

According to RT, a similar incident took place in Brazil in 2014. The officer fired at the attacker and held him until authorities arrived.

That time the cop's three-month-old daughter slipped out of her father's arms onto the concrete, receiving minor injuries.

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