Cameras Show Plane Crash Land on Street

WATCH: Single-Engine Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Florida Highway

They had taken off from Clearwater Airpark and landed at Zephyrhills Municipal Airport, 80 km away for refueling. The 61-year-old pilot and 55-year-old passenger were both uninjured. It happened November 19.

The aircraft suffered engine trouble while in the air and tried to make an emergency landing on Keene Road in the city of Clearwater in Pinellas County, Florida, on Sunday morning. This sent the aircraft spinning, although thankfully it was close to the ground and the impact was bearable - it stopped at 1817 North Keene Road. The pilot and the passenger escaped unhurt and no casualties were reported.

His plane smashed into a tree on the way down to Keene Road, causing it to spin.

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment a plane crashes onto a highway. Although the incident ended in a crash, the pilot and passenger managed to safely extricate themselves.

He told investigators that he'd believed he couldn't make it back to Clearwater Airpark and looked for somewhere he could land.

An investigation is under way but deputies said there was no indication of impairment.

It has not yet been determined what caused the plane to crash.

"I said. 'Oh my god, how could that be?'" another resident, Joe Pasquarella exclaimed.

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