Pinellas County deputy buzzed by small plane that later lands on road

WATCH: Single-Engine Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Florida Highway

A sheriff's deputy's dashcam caught the moment the plane was flying low over the road just before it landed.

According to a media release from the sheriff's office, two deputies in the vicinity, responding to an unrelated call for service, witnessed the plane crash.

Some eyewitness accounts say the wing of the plane clipped a tree while landing, causing it to spin out of control.

It said the 61-year-old pilot, who was uninjured in the crash, had reported engine trouble shortly after refuelling at another area airport.

On the highway in Florida DVR installed in a police patrol auto, which was on the highway where the plane landed, managed to film the landing process of the airplane.

"He noticed the road was open".

Video of the incident, filmed on the dash camera of a local deputy sheriff, shows the aircraft hurtling towards the road at speed before it cuts out of view. Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board are trying to ascertain why did the airplane encounter problems and an inquiry is underway.

It is not known what officially caused the crash.

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