The world's largest aircraft crashes

World's longest aircraft collapses in UK

The Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander broke free from its mooring mast at Cardington Airfield in England but a uniquely dramatic safety feature prevented it from running amok.

Manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) said it was investigating why the 92m long aircraft broke free and added its hull was created to rip open and deflate in the event of coming loose. This system is created to automatically rip open the hull to deflate the aircraft, grounding it and preventing it from causing any more damage to itself or its surroundings. Roads surrounding the airfield were immediately closed off amid concerns that aviation fuel and helium could escape from the aircraft.

'We are testing a brand new type of aircraft and incidents of this nature can occur during this phase of development.

The company behind Airlander 10 says the aircraft "broke free from its mooring mast" on its flight this morning.

PA Wire/PA Images File photo dated 17/08/16 of the Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, during its maiden flight.

No-one was on board when the collapse happened, but two people on the ground were taken to hospital as a precaution after suffering minor injuries.

Two HAV staff reportedly sustained minor injuries, with one being taken to hospital to be assessed, before being discharged a short time later.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd had said it was now in the "next phase of extended test flights".

The 300ft-long blimp was automatically deflated by its safety system during the incident at Cardington, Bedfordshire, on Saturday.

HAV apologised for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

The world's longest aircraft has collapsed in Bedfordshire less than 24 hours after a successful test flight.

No-one was injured during that incident but the cockpit was severely damaged. Besides surveillance, Hybrid Air Vehicles said the aircraft can be used for communications and delivering aid.

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