Second woman accuses US Senator of sexual harassment

Aide: Franken won't resign from Senate

Lindsay Menz, a 33-year-old Texas woman, told CNN on Thursday that Franken grabbed her buttocks during a photo op during the state fair. Al Franken of inappropriate touching.

"It was wrapped tightly around my butt cheek", Menz said.

"He totally grabbed my butt", she said.

"I was upset", said husband Jeremy Menz after the incident.

Menz said the "uncomfortable" incident - which reportedly lasted three to four seconds - made her feel "gross". CNN reported Monday that Lindsay Menz, 33, reached out to the network last week to share her story about an alleged offense that occurred in 2010, nearly two years after Franken had first been elected to the U.S. Senate. "I feel badly that Ms. Menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected".

In a telling part of CNN's article, Menz says she would not have come forward if Tweeden had not done so first. Franken already faced a Senate ethics investigation over Tweeden's allegation, but the Menz allegation is potentially more damaging for Franken because it would be behavior that occurred while he was in office. It was over pretty quick. You just feel gross. She said she distinctly recalls her son-in-law saying to her: "Our senator just groped my wife right in front of me".

Menz told CNN that she came forward following broadcaster Leeann Tweeden's account of a 2006 interaction with Franken in which she alleges he forcibly kissed her and took a photo in which he appears to touch her chest while she is asleep.

In the photo of Menz and Franken, the side of the senator's face is pressed up against Menz's but the lower halves of their bodies are not shown. Franken has since apologized for his alleged misconduct, though noted he "certainly" doesn't remember the interaction the way Tweeden does.

Menz said in 2010 she went to the Minnesota State Fair with her husband and father and met various officials and celebrities while there, as her father's business was sponsoring a local radio booth.

"The reason I want to say something is if someone sees that I said something, maybe it would give them the courage to say something, too", Menz added.

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