Here are some travel tips and information ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

Record number of firearms found at Atlanta International Airport this year, TSA says

Thanksgiving Day travel won't be record-breaking, but it could be busier than past year, despite higher gas prices and a prediction of lousy weather across much of the nation.

AAA has projected 51 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more away from home for the holiday. They are expected to include 5pm to 6pm on Tuesday in Chicago, where trips can take three times as long as during non-rush hour, and 4pm to 4:45pm in San Francisco.

New Jersey - 1,131,382 (88.9% of all travelers), a 3.2% increase from 2016. Ohioans accounted for 2 million of those travelers a year ago, according to AAA estimates, representing an increase of 2 percent over 2015. Meanwhile, many of us will stay home or at least close to home for Thanksgiving. This November's national average price is $2.54, which is 37 cents more than last November.

Since so many drivers will be on the roads, AAA expects to aid more than 5,000 stranded Colorado motorists over the holiday.

Auto rental rates are also higher than past year, and so are many hotel rooms, according to AAA.

OH made the list of the largest gas price changes.

Fuller skies: The largest growth in holiday travel is by air travel, at 5 percent, with almost 60,000 Colorado travelers.

AAA and research firm IHS Markit base their forecast on recent and predicted growth in the economy, consumer spending, household wealth and other measures.

Jay Ratliff, local aviation expert, said during the holidays airports are filled with travelers who only fly once or twice a year. He also advised that travelers make sure they have a seat assignment confirmation before arriving to the airport to ensure they won't be put on standby.

A storm system may slow travel in parts of the country for millions of drivers: The Northwest is expecting rain and snow Thanksgiving week, and the Southeast will receive multiple rain showers.

He said the nonstop flights Lovell Field has gained to the NY area and to Chicago on United Airlines will help boost Thanksgiving traffic. Airline passengers from St. Louis to Nashville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh may face some turbulence and delays.

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