Google Confirms to Fix Pixel 2 Buzzing Noise in an Upcoming Update

Google Lens

When Google moved away totally from their Nexus brand of phones to launch the Google Pixel a year ago, so began the headache of aftermarket Android developers. Since, the "real time" feature is available only for Pixel phone users that are not so big leap across the Translate app now existing.

But for those who had have issues with the Google Pixel 2, you've probably heard about Google plans to fix them in future software updates.

But, within the price point, glaring use issues, underwhelming features of voice-assistant and inconsistent sound quality, it makes one wondered that actually how long Google tested and weighed what it was going to launch. For the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users, the latest update brings the Lens in Assistant, which means that they can now check the feature with the Assistant. However, even now, some issues remain unfixed. Google is trying to solve out all the issues faced by the users around the world. While other users have stated that Google Lens in Assistant is still in a "Preview" state. Some of these issues are more severe than others, but one problem was particularly annoying. It has been created to bring up relevant information using visual analysis, and is expected to be relevant to Google CEO Sundar Pichai's "AI first" goal.

The company has confirmed that is has acknowledged the complaint and that it will release a new software update in comings weeks which will resolve the issue. If you have anything to share or have any feedbacks, kindly drop them out as a comment into the comment section given below this post.

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