Faizabad sit-in: Govt agrees to make Raja Zafarul Haq committee's recommendations public

Faizabad sit-in: Negotiations with committee representing religious groups underway in Punjab House

On being summoned on Monday by IHC judge Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui after failing to implement the order, home minister Ihsan Iqbal told the court that a government team and some religious scholars were negotiating with the protesters to resolve the issue peacefully. The minister said in a statement that the meeting has been convened to hold consultation with religious clerics/ulemas of different schools of thought to find out a peaceful end to the sit-in.

"The impression that we compromised on Khatam-e-Nabbuwat is not correct". The government was alive to sufferings of people of twin cities and hoped about breakthrough within next 48 hours. We request them to end the protest as they have registered their protest. He, however, clarified that use of the force against the protesters would be a last option to disperse them.

The government had conducted another round of negotiations on Saturday night, but that too ended in stalemate with the protesters refusing to budge from their primary demand for the law minister's resignation.

Scores of ministers and lawmakers from the government side including Captain (r) Safdar, Raja Zafar ul Haq, Zahid Hamid, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Rana Sana Ullah are present in the huddle whereas the committee of religious groups comprises Azhar Hussain Rizvi, Shafiq Amini, Pir Inayat ul Haq Shah and Waheed Noor.

He said that protesters should congratulate the government for the historic work of restoring a law that had lapsed in 2002 and now, the Khatm-i-Nabuwwat issue had been settled once and for all. The minister said that the government has rectified the mistake and even strengthened the Khatam-e-Nabuwwat laws through the amendments passed by the National Assembly and Senate. "If all reservations have been dispelled and the law has been reversed, there is no more justification for the sit-in", he said.

He said that the Islamabad High Court had also issued orders to remove the sit-in to facilitate the general public. Heavy contingents of police and Frontier Constabulary have been deployed around the site where the protesters have been staging the sit-in, waiting for the orders from higher ups for any operation.

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