Ben Affleck Dodges Question About Rose McGowan's Claim That Weinstein Raped Her

However, the conversation quickly took a turn towards the various stories about sexual harassment that have come to light in Hollywood, including Affleck's alleged groping of "One Tree Hill" actress and former "TRL" star Hilarie Burton. Affleck later apologised for acting "inappropriately". "I don't remember it, but I absolutely apologize for it". "Because I feel like those are their stories and they're entitled to tell as much or little of those as they want". I certainly don't think she's lying or making it up. But deep into his interview, he also faced questions on the many allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein - whom Affleck and Matt Damon basically owe their careers.

"It was bad to see the extent of these terrible crimes, and it was disgusting", Affleck said of the allegations against Weinstein before pledging to donate any residual income from Weinstein films to RAINN and Film Independent. Affleck expressed sympathy that "while we were making these movies, there were people suffering and dealing with bad experiences".

Affleck reiterated his mission to donate any residual income he makes off of Weinstein's movies to organizations like RAINN and Film Independent. He also added that there should be "a way of reporting this stuff" so that the victims "can feel safe doing it". "The truth is I really didn't". "It's just the kind of thing we have to, as men, I think, as we become more aware of this, be really, really mindful of our behavior and hold ourselves accountable and say, 'If I was ever part of the problem, I want to change". "I didn't understand what it's like to be groped, to be harassed, to be interrupted, talked over, paid less, you know, pushed around, belittled-all the things that women deal with, that for me as a man, I have the privilege of not having to deal with".

"There have been multiple accusations and revelations about various people. and you yourself have been accused of a few things, sexual impropriety", Colbert said.

He added, "It really is a shame, because although I stopped working with Harvey a long time ago, those movies hold a special place in my heart", he continued.

Affleck also addressed a controversial recent MTV interview that saw him accused of making a joke about sexual misconduct.

Colbert said the show also covers "subjects of the moment" and asked Affleck about his association with Weinstein. Watch that incident in the clip below.

"I knew he was sleazy, kind of a bully but unfortunately that wasn't that uncommon", he said. "It feels like a time when survivors are finding their voice and people are, and I include myself in this, really discovering the bad extent of this problem here in our country". I felt uncomfortable and laughed awkwardly.

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