170 firefighters battle fire in NYC apartment building

Apartment Fire

Dozens of firefighters are battling a massive fire in New York City.

Thick smoke and orange flames from the fire could be seen pouring through the building's roof.

Firefighters are battling a large fire on the top floors of a six-story New York City apartment building.

There are no reports of any serious injuries.

The fire is said to be so devastating that the 100-year-old-building, which contains retail shops on the first floor, could collapse at any moment, FDNY Chief James Leonard said, WPIX reported.

At least 200 FDNY firefighters are on the scene trying to put the fire out. One resident was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. He then ran upstairs and went door-to-door to warn his neighbors.

It's unclear how many people were inside the building when the blaze started.

A building adjacent to the fire, 561 W. 144th St. was also evacuated as officials determine whether it is safe for residents of that building to return.

The fire - which started after 3 PM local time - has consumed the upper parts of the six-storey structure, leading to what witnesses claim are portions of its facade falling down to the street.

Syndee Winters captured video of the fire from across the street.

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