Aston Martin Valkyrie gets more extreme AMR Pro version

Aston Martin Valkyrie gets more extreme AMR Pro version

All of which, according to Red Bull's extensive simulation programming, means the Valkyrie AMR Pro should be able to achieve laps times comparable to Formula One or LMP1 endurance racing cars, with a top speed of close to 400km/h, lateral acceleration capability of more than 3.3g and braking deceleration of 3.5g. The Valkyrie AMR Pro sits on the same Michelin racing tires used on Le Mans Prototype 1 racers, and to accommodate the slicks, Aston has given the Valkyrie smaller, 18-inch wheels.

Aston Martin announced Thursday that it will build a track-only version of its forthcoming Valkyrie hypercar, which it developed with the help of Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

After the owners have been prepared for the extreme capabilities of the AMR Pro, they will be invited to participate in a number of driving events at a "some of the world's most prestigious race tracks". In addition, for the sake of reducing the mass of the vehicle Aston Martin has made a decision to abandon the installation of the climate control and multimedia system.

The stark differences between the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro will be found on the exterior.

Because they don't have to muffle the engine note for track use or worry about any emissions control devices, we're in to hear maximum V12 ridiculousness should we ever encounter a Valkyrie AMR Pro in real life.

Called the AMR Pro, the hardcore hypercar is expected to boast a price tag of "above £3m" and will have "more power" than the standard road-going version, the magazine says. Race-spec carbon brakes are also part of the package.

Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

To keep weight down, the cabin has been stripped of all luxuries, such as the infotainment system and heater, while the glass windscreen has been replaced with a lightweight "polycarbonate" version.

In addition to more power, the model features larger front and rear wing elements for better aerodynamics.

Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO, added: "Valkyrie has always been about pushing the limits and redefining the possible".

Cornering and braking forces in excess of 3 Gs, an estimated top speed of almost 250 miles per hour and lap times faster than what many previously considered possible for a road-car-derived vehicle.

The Mercedes- AMG Project ONE plans to enter the same exclusive club sometime in the future, but the Aston Martin might get the jump on it. This will include simulator time, on-track instruction and physical fitness programs. Womp womp. Deliveries start in 2020, so you'll have to wait at least that long to fork over your firstborn child if a used one comes up for sale.

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